Your safety is our paramount concern

Here at PaintBall Montalivet we feel it is our duty to put your safety and equipment reliability above all else:

The Infrastructure

  • BARRIER NET The paintball site is surrounded by a 3 to 5 metre high mesh net barrier.
  • SAS DOUBLE ENTRY This double net lock is a transition zone between off and on the field of play. When off the field, all players must place their paintball markers in numbered racks before removing their masks and moving into the reception area.
  • THE VIEWPOINT (Lookout and marshal monitoring station) Allows the marshal to have an overview of the players and the run of the game.
  • SAFETY RULES "Wear your GOGGLES" and "BARREL stocks ON." These information panels are scattered throughout the site to constantly remind players of the 2 primary safety rules of paintball.

Equipment Used






Guidance is provided throughout the session

A Detailed Briefing before the game covering:

- Safety rules

- Game rules

A pre-game safety presentation is always given by the marshal monitoring the game.

** The paintball of montalivet has been verified by the Departmental Directorate of Youth and Sport (DDJS). All equipment meets the national standards of the French Federation of Paintball.

OVERALL, GOGGLES & NECK PROTECTOR are cleaned after each use


Obviously, NONE, provided that all safety rules are followed..
2 golden rules: "goggles-on" - wear your goggles when in the play area and "paintball marker gun-barrel stock" is ON out of play..
YES .... NO !!!
Let's say that after the impact of a paintball on your body, you do not want to receive another one straight away, but it is obviously part of the game. It depends on the distance at which the ball is fired (there is a minimum safety distance) and the body part which is hit. It is usually less painfull in the shoulder, for example, than in the bottom !!..
They can easily travel 50 meters. We have solid accuracy up to 30 meters ..
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